Saturday, 22 October 2011

Reflections upon work

I have reframed work so that is an opportunity for learning and I thought I would share my learnings to you.

I recently had a shift where the rest of my team was less than positive about the shift. This had the opportunity to make my day really difficult and bring me into a less positive place. So how did I keep myself positive and by being positive influence those around me?

Well...... I took a couple of deep breaths, and thought about who had the control of my positivity and who can influence it. The answer is me, I have the control and I am the one who can influence it. As soon as I had reminded myself of that the situation changed; it was in my power to make the changes and to remain positive. This I found gave me the extra energy to cope with the shift. I also did a things that I knew kept my energy up, for example singing a happy tune, and taking my breaks and going outside.

After this shift I reflected and did some thinking about what could make the shifts go a little easier and smoother. And I came up with some ideas. The next step was thinking about how to implement them. This took some thought as I really hoped that they would be taken seriously and used as I knew that they would make things a little easier. My first step was to talk to a couple of people who had been at work for a while and see what they thought. Their feedback was really positive so I put the ideas on paper and took them to work. When I was on shift I showed the person who was leading the shift the ideas and they used them on that shift. I asked for feedback and they said that it had made the shift a bit easeier. The next time I was in I did the same and got the same feedback. Every shift I suggested that people use the ideas and guess what, now most people do use them and it has made the shifts a bit easier.

So some of my learnings from work have been;

I control my positivity,
To implement change, start with yourself, get feedback and keep going, and each step is a step towards positivity

Life Building Coaching

LB coaching changed to LLB Coaching and this has developed into Life Building Coaching.

Life Building Coaching; Coaching for being all that you can be. It is supporting and facilitating many different areas of your life including;
Making decisions
Moving forward
Putting movement into your life.

My quote for today; "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'." Audrey Hepburn