Thursday, 6 September 2012

Being inspired

I went and saw the Pixar film Brave a couple of days ago. Not only was Brave a brilliant film but before the film started there was a beautiful short animation called La Luna by Pixar. If you ever get to see it I really recommend to. It is a beautiful film about a young boy, his father and grandfather who tidy up the stars on the moon (watch it and you will see what I am trying to explain). The father and grandfather try and teach the boy their way of doing the job. However the young boy does not like those ways and so develops his own. Once he develops his own way the three of then get the job done with ease.
I loved this film as it was a stunning piece of art that I found really inspiring. I love the way it showed that other peoples ways of doing things may not be the right path for you, it showed that you can create your own path and if it's your own you will be happy and being happy has a global impact.
The main thing I have taken away from it is believe in yourself and believe that your path that you create is a wonderful thing.