Thursday, 26 July 2012

Self confidence

How many of you have asked why can I not be more confident? Why can I not be happy in my own skin? Why can I not look like all those pretty people out there?

I know I have and keep doing so. But I have decided to change because what makes them out there better then me? I am me, I am a person, I have people that I love and who love me, so why do I still ask those questions? And what can I do about them so I can move forward and be really happy in my own skin?

So this is what this blog will be about; exploring self confidence/ self esteem/ self worth, finding if there are tools and techniques that do work, looking at research into self esteem and getting people's own stories about themselves.

So please join me on this journey and let me know what you think, tell me your story and let's leave those questions behind!

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