Saturday, 18 February 2012

Lifting myself up

I know its been a while since I have written. This is because this last couple of weeks I have struggled, fought, went backwards, went forwards, felt stuck, felt alive. A time of some interesting and different feelings. So instead of dwelling on the feelings I have decided to share how I got myself up, lifted myself to where I am now.
  • I had a good catch up with one of my good friends,
  • Had some girly time with friends,
  • pampered myself;
    • painted my nails,
    • changed how I did my makeup,
    • made an effort in what I was wearing,
  • I had a good cry and let the emotions out,
  • I read a book that I have wanted to read for ages called the Labrinth. A good novel that I got sucked into and thoroughly enjoyed it,
  • I thought about what it was that was creating these range of emotions inside me and came to the conclusions that;
    •  I was thinking that I might not deserve the great stuff that was happening in my life. This was a difficult thought to acknowledge as I have done some work on letting go of my conflict that I wasn't good enough yet here I was back in that same feeling. I felt like I had taken a step back. So once I acknowledged this I wanted to do some work on that feeling. I started by thinking about all the positives in my life, about what I had succeeded, about what I had achieved, overcome and the people who were in my life. This put me in a better state, a state that felt of confidence, love, achievement, and positivity. From this good state I looked at the root of why I didn't feel good enough, looked at the very first time I felt it and thought that in that moment there must be something still left to learn. I learnt that I did deserve success and happiness, and it is ok to be happy.
    • That I was focusing on some of the negatives, about the things that I haven't achieved yet. I think this stemed from the feelings of not being good enough. So when I changed my state I started noticing the good things in my life; the fantastic people, the amazing opportunities, the knowledge that I have, the lovely place I live, the joys of living by the sea. The things that I had started to take for granted, when I changed my state, changed what I was noticing. I noticed the good, the joy, the fun and the love
  • I did some work about how I saw what was going on. I pictured that the light of fun and enjoyment I had was fading. So I fed it more light, I opened the windows to flood sunlight in, I then opened up the picture to allow the warmth, light, freshness in. This really helped.
Doing these things really helped me and moved me forwards and lifted myself up.


  1. Well done sweetie - it takes real strength of will to lift yourself out of a slump, especially at such a cold and depressing time of year! xxx

    1. Thank you so much. The suns out today so planning on going for a walk and enjoying it :) xx