Tuesday, 31 January 2012

my melt down and then my putting myself together

So with all the work I had been doing on myself and how I thought about myself I thought I was feeling a lot better about me and being me. But it all fell apart this weekend. So here is the story and how I got myself from that place to somewhere new and somewhere with learning.

The story:
I was getting dressed for a girly night out but I could not find an outft that I felt nice in. For me feeling nice in the outfit is the most important part. So I spent sometime going through my wardrobe and could not find anything. Then I thought that I could do my hair and makeup to make myself feel better. Well that didn't seem to work. I went back to look at the wardrobe and had a melt down. I then text my friend and she came over and supported my to chose an outfit. I retouched my makeup and looked hard in the mirror, looking at the parts of me that I liked, and the parts that I loved. I then did some visual work, changing what I pictured as heavy and ugh, to something light.

My learnings:
  • My friends are brilliant and a huge part of my life. They are part of my support network. They know me so well that they know exactly what to say to help cheer me up :) so thank you to my friends for being you.
  • Changing how you see things has a dramatic effect on how you feel. I changed something that I saw and felt as really heavy into something a lot lighter. I did this by changing it into a feather. This meant that it was very light and free to be all that it can be. This metaphor helped me look at myself in a lighter more free way.
  • That there is good days and some not so good days but it is about enjoying life to the fullest and being all that you can be. So the days that aren't so great look at why and look at changing them into a good day. I have done this by changing the makeup I wear, talking to my friends, thinking about a time that I felt really great and by remembering the good points about myself.

So I started this week from a mixed weekend; a bit good, a bit fun, a bit not so fun, a bit confused,
 just bits and pieces. The next blog will look at how this week I pieced myself back together.

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