Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Keeping motivated

So it is day two of my  new job, and about a week into my keeping fit and healthy plan and I'm tired. So how do I keep motivated? This is the question I have been asking myself today. So the answers I have come up with are;
  • being fit and healthy is important to me so I just need to remind myself of this
  • having a routine to my exercise would be useful so that I get into a pattern and don't need to spend a lot of energy on the thinking of when and how. I have decided to walk to and from work. This will mean that exercise becomes a routine part of my day,
  • that I need many different forms of motivation, such as a pitcure in my head of what I am working towards, having some great music that helps me get in s great state.
These are the answers I came up with today. If anybody has any other ideas and inputs I would really appreciated it.

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