Friday, 13 January 2012

Being fit and healthy as part of my living life now plan

As part of my living life to the full now plan I am starting on a journey. A journey of being fit and healthy so that I can be all that I can be. This journey will include eating healthier, doing exercise, enjoying exercise, having fun and learning new things about myself. I have decided to write a blog about this journey for many reasons including;
motivation for myself,
motivation for others,
and to document this journey.

So here goes.... I am wishing myself strength and fun, and for other people who have decided to take their own journey I am wishing you all the resources you need to have fun on yours.

I would love this to be interactive so please post your comments, your learnings, things that have motivated you, things that you think will help others, pretty much anything!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, go you!!!!! Wishing all the best. Just a little tip. I've found giving myself regular rewards when I've achieved things really good. I reward myself with none food things to retrain myself. One of my main ones is after a week I reward myself by going to yoga class. I find yoga really energising and relaxing. hope this helps.
    Lots of love, sending you support and massive hugs of encouragement.